Sponsor Q&A – Insight Retail Consulting

Insight Retail Consulting is a multidisciplinary retail consultancy with a record of growing some of the UK’s leading retail, hospitality and leisure brands. The company is proud to sponsor the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016.


Why did you want to be involved in the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016?

As a local business working in the retail and hospitality sector, it is essential for us to be involved in one of the key food events in Bristol. We want to show our support and respect for all the hard working businesses that make this city so special.

Why do you think it is important to support Bristol’s food scene?

Bristol has a food scene like no other place in the country, and it places locality at its core. This emphasis on local is great for enabling small businesses to flourish. Seeing developments like Wapping Wharf thrive has shown that supporting local is hugely important to the residents of Bristol.

How is your business involved in the local food scene?

We work with some of the key food outlets in the city and help them monitor their customer experience. We do this through tailored consumer research programmes and we also provide extensive analysis from these results. Through our property division, we also specialise in finding the best locations for brands to setup their businesses in the city, and further afield.

What do you think are the most important aspects of a great foodie experience in Bristol?

There are so many different types of experiences to be had in Bristol and individuality is definitely one of the most important aspects – Bristolians also love an authentic experience. As well as a friendly customer experience, good food is obviously essential. Most of the popular food destinations in Bristol work with local food producers and this community of businesses is at the heart of the Bristol foodie experience.

How can we all do more to ensure Bristol remains the regional food capital of Britain?

Again, independence is key for Bristol. Some of the greatest places to eat in the city have been created by very small teams, so it is key that we all continue to support this wealth of great independent businesses.

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