Sponsor Q&A – Kingfisher Brixham

Kingfisher Brixham supplies quality fresh fish and seafood to the catering industry in the South West. From its premises in Brixham, with a prime coastal position, the company sources, prepares and delivers fresh and frozen, fish and seafood; directly to professional kitchens. It has a strong presence in Bristol.

Why did you want to be involved in the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016?
We are not only fish merchants but foodies as well. You have to have a real passion for all aspects of food in this industry, so of course we jumped at the chance to be able to celebrate the fabulous year Bristol has had within the food industry as well as helping to raise the profile of the up-and-coming Bristol food scene.

Why do you think it is important to support Bristol’s food scene?

To ensure Bristol continues to grow and flourish, we need to make sure as a fish supplier we are supporting the food scene by making sure all our fish are ethically and sustainably sourced, while also providing information on trends and what is currently in season making sure our restaurants have our support with not just the best fish but the best information.

How is your business involved in the local food scene?
Not only do we support events like Bristol Good Food Awards, we also provide a lot of the local hotels and restaurants with quality fresh fish, which we buy daily from the South West markets such as Brixham, Plymouth, Looe and Newlyn. We are also able to give full boat names and fishing methods for the fish that was bought so that any menu can have full provenance of its seafood, giving the customers confidence that the seafood is responsibly sourced.

What do you thinks are the most important aspects of a great foodie experience in Bristol?

The diversity and community spirit within Bristol are the most important aspects and have been key to Bristol being seen as a foodie mecca. There are many passionate people within the local food scene, whether it is the chefs, restaurateurs or suppliers so that whether you’re looking for the latest in street cuisine, quality informal dining or would like a more refined Michelin approach, Bristol can offer the quality and diversity of choice.

How can we all do more to ensure Bristol remains the regional food capital of Britain?
It’s important that we all help support and encourage the young chefs of tomorrow to continue with the depth of diversity and excitement that the Bristol food scene is creating right now. It’s also important for us, a fresh fish supplier, to continue supplying the very best fish the UK has to offer giving the chefs and restaurants the best produce and information available to help them create their exciting dishes.

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