Sponsor Q&A – Hamptons

Hamptons International is a leading residential property company in the UK, working across local, national and international markets, delivering unrivalled customer service through the commitment and inspiration of its staff.

Why did you want to be involved in the Bristol Good Food Awards 2016?

Hamptons International, although a large national company, feel we are very much a part of the Bristol community and what better way to be actively involved than sponsoring the BGFA 2016.

Why do you think it is important to support Bristol’s food scene?

Bristol has many attractions and, aside from the architecture and famous landmarks, its food scene remains close to the top of the list. Not only does this reputation attract restaurateurs and chefs from outside of the region but it also creates jobs and increases the profile of the city’s diverse culture and celebrated local produce.

How is your business involved in the local food scene?

Hamptons International welcome all our new property purchasers with a hamper prepared and supplied by a local deli, and we would like to become more involved with local restaurants, bars and cafés in order to promote the great offerings Bristol has to offer.

What do you thinks are the most important aspects of a great foodie experience in Bristol?

Taste, surroundings, local produce and exceptional service.

How can we all do more to ensure Bristol remains the regional food capital of Britain?

We need to celebrate award-winning local produce, create more local events showcasing this produce and involve more businesses to generate further awareness of the super Bristol food scene.

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